Mural installation for Boundary Layer Technologies

Mural Production for Boundary Layer Technologies


The Client: Boundary Layer Technologies

The Artists: Forest Stearns in collaboration with Ando Pndlian.

The Intention: Create a working prototype of a hydrofoil for Y-Combinator Demo day 2019

The Brief: Paint the entire container and helm of the small ship quickly and in terrible weather

The Process: The main bulk of the work was painted in the Alameda boatyard over 4 days under tarps during torrential rain and wind. The helm was painted the next week in much better weather.

The Outcome: A stunningly unique eye catching painted ship

The Lessons: As mural producers, this was a unique experience. We learned how to setup and create a large mural with spray paint under large tarps during a super intense storm. Lots of ropes, bungies, weights, and knowledge of knots come in handy in this situation. With tenacity, great music, solid communication and professionalism, we delivered a great product for the clients specific needs.


BLT Team Exhibiting at Y Combinator