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Gratitude for the artistic experience of Planet Labs - PC: Damian Madray

Gratitude for the artistic experience of Planet Labs - PC: Damian Madray


DRAWEVERYWHERE, based in Oakland, Ca:

An illustration focused creative studio with styles connecting nature to technology. We produce artworks and installations across a vast array of mediums from rocket ships and quantum computers.

Each unique production requires different creative talents. We bring together a select group of professional artists to provide the client with an amazing creative product that fits the exact intention of their specific design brief.

Our intention is to make work that excites and engages the viewer through hand drawn adventures for more than a moment. More moving than mere-marketing and more organic than advertisement. Humans are a mark making species and our studio collaborates to bring those marks to any surface everywhere.


  • Giant Murals on most anything

  • Portraiture of humans and hardware

  • Illustrated collateral for print and apparel

  • Artist in Residence programs within corporations

  • Live Art at special events celebrating specific culture and mission

  • Collaboration on facilitated events for maximum audience engagement

  • Keynote speaking, public teaching, and private instruction

  • Art in Space

Forest Stearns is the Principal Artist at DRAWEVERYWHERE where he produces uniques artworks and leads collaborations connecting artists and institutions. He has a passion for founding Artist in Residence programs that connect art, science, and technology. Currently he is the Creative Innovation Consultant and Artist in Residence founder at Google Quantum AI in Santa Barbara Ca.

Stearns is an academically trained prolific illustrator, an arts educator, creative facilitator and community builder. Also an engaged father and supportive partner.

From art galleries to spaceships, there is nothing Forest won’t draw upon. His artistic portfolio radically spans media and substrate from endless sketchbooks of organic characters, laser etched drawings covering hundreds of satellites that orbit the Earth, art on Quantum Computers, and giant murals on surfaces ranging from buildings, radomes, and rocket ships.


Google Quantum AI
Culture Amp
Planet Labs
Culture Conference
Galactic Jungle
Paramount Pictures
Camp Grounded
Chico State University
Humboldt State University
Institute for the Future
Burning Man
+ more