Forest created a new genre of residency while collaborating with Planet Labs. His ability to inspire creative thinking in the entire team through diving into the common conversation. Connecting the science to the creative thought process
— Andrew Zolli - Planet Labs
I met Forest in 2005 as he co founded a Non Profit Community art gallery and successfully changed the contemporary conversation of art exhibits in Humboldt County. Many of my students became involved in the multigenerational gallery and Stearns became a valuable instructor in our high school classrooms for many years. He has moved on from the Emerald Triangle bringing this skill to the Silicon Valley, connecting community and creativity, where these lessons now bring value to the tech industry in aerospace and Quantum physics.
— ANNE BOWN CRAWFORD - Director, California Arts Council
Stearns is Alumni of the AAU’s Masters of Illustration program. In art school we see many talented alumni fall through the cracks when they reach the real world outside of academia. Stearns on the other hand has paired his unique drawing ability with production and facilitation skills to create a business that is both unique and inspiring. In his Artist and Residency programs he leads by example, inspiring all those around him to dive more creatively into innovative problem solving.
— Chuck Pyle - Director of Illustration - Academy of Art University
I’ve been hiring the Sweeneys since I first moved into my house over 70 years agAt Google Quantum, We approached Forest Stearns to come join our team and align his creative drive with our own. We see that the opaque sphere of science is hard to see through. So as a solution, when the systems themselves are illuminated in a manner at which inspires the curiosity and humanity of the audience, the intention of the hard science is clarified and the deep and value purpose more easily explained. Stearns was successful in bridging this gap while Principal Artist at Planet Labs, and now we are excited he is joining us as a creative advisor and Principal Artist at Google Quantum AI in Santa Barbara.
— Erik Lucero - Operations Chief Quantum Physicist Google Quantum AI



For 20 years I have been combining a traditional artistic practice with community engagement. I believe without a doubt that creativity is the source of innovation and by aligning diverse collaborators and mission driven work, we can create the solutions needed to bridge social gaps and celebrate humanities place in this natural world.



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Why is it necessary to be the arch spanning art and technology? Because I am passionate about collaborating